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How Much Can You Make Doing Taxes?

The salary of a tax preparer depends on a few things. How much you charge and how many people you charge are the two biggest factors. As with any service business, how much you can make depends quite a bit on how well you market yourself and your service. In this post, we’ll try and […]

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  • Updated September 15, 2016

How To Become A Tax Preparer At Home

As of 2014, the Federal Tax Code was over 74,000 pages long. So even though there are several options online for people to file their taxes, I don’t think the tax preparer career is going anywhere. If you have some basic skills, and the right temperament, becoming a tax preparer without spending a lot of […]

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  • Updated March 20, 2017

How To Set A Professional Voicemail Greeting

Even though you may be working from home, it is important that you always present a professional image.  Part of that professional image comes in the form of your voicemail greeting.  You will not likely answer every call you ever get for any number of reasons.  When you can’t pick up, it’s crucial that your […]

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  • Updated August 16, 2016