Direct Sales

Are you ready for a career in direct sales?

If you have some extra time on your hands, and have plenty of determination and dedication, direct sales may be a lucrative business for you.  We have several posts and resources dedicated to direct sales here at Home Office Genius.  If you are brand new to the idea of direct sales, here is a short video that we think does a great job explaining the business.

As you can see, direct sales involves exactly what it sounds like.  You are going out and directly selling to people.  This can be intimidating for many folks, but if you are still interested, check out some of our content below.

A Library Of The Best Direct Sales Books

In this post, we list over a dozen of our favorite books to help you build you direct sales empire.  Some of these books are about direct sales businesses specifically, others are more general about business and selling.  All of them are worth your time though!

Direct Sales Companies For Men

This is one of our most popular posts on the site.  Direct sales are often thought of for women only.  But there are quite a few good options for men to check out as well.  We review a couple of them in this post, and are always looking to add new ones as well.

7 Direct Sales Food Companies You Want To Sell For!

If you are looking for edible options for your new direct sales business, check out these 7 that we’ve taken a look at.

What Are The Best Direct Sales Party Games?

If you are going the traditional route of parties at someones house to build your business, you will need things to do.  Here are a few games that you can play to pass the time while you are working the room!