How To Find Jobs You Can Work From Home

Many people would like to work from home but do not know how to get a work at home job. Some people are not suited to work at home. First you should make sure that you are suited for a work at home job. There are quizzes that you can take online that will help you know if you are suited to work at home and which career suits you. Some people like the ability to work from their home instead of trying to go into an office or a retail environment.

Who Is Able To Work From Home?

People who work from home must be self-starters and reliant upon keeping a schedule. Many work at home jobs mean that you to be able to make your own schedule and meet quota. There is no one looking over your shoulder so it is your responsibility to meet any requirements necessary to complete your job. Often a work at home person needs to go to meetings and take training sessions from the employer or a local community college.

It is wise to have a special room set up to do the job especially if you are required to concentrate or talk to clients on the phone. Assembly of products might require a room where you need a sink or a larger area to hang items to dry. Those people who wish to work at home need to make sure that this is the career suited for them. Then determining what is the best work at home job is next. Many people already have an idea of what type of job they plan on doing while others are searching.

Reasons To Hire At Home Workers

There are many companies today who have found that having people work out of their home is an advantage to the company as well as the employee. This is flexible work for many people letting them work at their hours. It saves the company because an actual office is not suppled instead the employee must set up their own office and set their own hours to complete the work assignments. There are savings for both the company and the employee.

Employers usually pay by output instead of by the hour. The employee saves on transportation and clothes. Many times a person can work in their pajamas if they like. The atmosphere is much better for the employee helping the output to be better. When a person works at home they must be reliable but capable of doing the work without a supervisor or an assistant. The company saves money because they just give work orders and expect the job to be done.

Employers Who Hire At Home Employees

Content writers are in great demand today by many different people. There are agencies that hire writers who are able to write good SEO Content. Certain agencies post jobs where a writer is able to pick up writing work.

This is good because often a writer will find a client who will provide work at home for them. Major companies like Wal-Mart will hire people to work as a writer to keep their websites up to date. Those who like to write find many at home writing jobs.

Processing worksheets, and other forms of data entry from your home is often offered by many major companies. Normally you will be given so many worksheets in the morning and they must be completed by the end of the day or a certain time in the day. Worksheet processing is offered by many companies.  You only need to inquire to find the company who wants that type of remote employee.

In some situations, companies will hire you to do work for them from home if you only inquire and let them know what you are capable of doing. There is writing, worksheets, telephone work, surveys, cost analysis sheets, and much more to do at home jobs if you only apply. The following hire people to work from their home:

  1. Insurance Agencies to enter claims, do phone work, and worksheets.
  2. Companies like IBM and Dell hire people to keep data bases and make customer calls.
  3. Workforce companies need people to checkout perspective employers and employee’s by doing phone work. They need to keep reports for the employer. The agents do remarks into a cassette recorder and the at home worker types up the report for the agents.

Major companies like Amazon and e-bay let people buy and sell online so they are able to earn an income from home. Some people actually set up their own website to do buying and selling from their home in order to earn an income.

There are wholesale companies that allow people to set up a website and sell their products for them. Many of these companies pay the person who runs the websites and takes the orders a commission. The product is ordered and sent directly to the customer while the person who maintains the website does not have to ever touch the actual product.  This is commonly referred to as drop-shipping. 

Telemarketing is a popular work at home job amongst housewives and students. In some cases, only surveys are taken while others need to sell a product.

Telemarketing can range from helping political candidates’ to selling tickets to events that help police or veterans.

Travel is a big business today and there are agencies that gladly will let you sell vacation trips and make the bookings for people who want to travel. You can book hotels, flights, cruises, and more working as a travel agent from your own home.

Many women like to work as an independent sales agent for Avon, Mary Kay, and companies like Tupperware. They may have parties at home, visit other homes, or use the website to make sales. It is not uncommon for women to work from their home selling these products.

Some other places that hire work at home people are:

These are just a few of the places that offer people work at home employment. Those who like to work at home but do not use a computer might look into positions like the following:

  • ​Child Care
  • Adult Foster Care
  • Laundry Services
  • Assembly Work
  • Pet Care
  • Making Jewelry

Working From Home For Another Company

When you are working out of your own home for another company it is totally different than setting up your own business. There is no need to have a company name and your tax number is your social security number. You do not have to have a business plan or use social media to advertise your job. You get your assignments and carry them out.

You are required to supply your own equipment like computers, printers, phones, etc. Some companies will supply you with things like paper and ink but in most cases you are required to furnish those supplies as well. You must file your taxes as an independent contractor so it is important to keep track of your costs to work out of your home. Everything is important or you could end up losing a lot of your income on taxes.

In Home Worker Deductions

The cost of your equipment like your computer, printers, fax machines, and other office equipment is deductible on taxes. If you need to deliver your work then keep track of your mileage as this is deductible.

You should have a special room that you set up for your office because you can claim the expense to maintain that room. It costs for your heat, electric, and trash. The cost of your office supplies like paper, ink, clips, pens, staples, files, and other needs are also deductible. You can get a list from the IRS of the things that are tax deductible.  Consult a tax professional about any and all tax questions.

Work at Home Opportunities

It is not as hard to get work at home opportunities today because there are so many companies who want people who are reliable and will get the work completed. It is a big savings by having independent freelancers because the companies save on benefits like vacation, health care, and other amenities that can become costly.

The companies in larger cities do not have to worry about parking space, office space, and in some cases day care for the employee’s children. When a person goes on vacation they can still work because they can use their laptop to get their work completed.

Working remotely is great for the employee as well. They are able to take care of their children without paying childcare. They are able to go to school functions with their children. In some cases, parents are able to put their children off to bed and work late in the evening.

Some employers will offer the employee some benefits like membership into a health club. Some companies will give the employee the opportunity to buy their own health care. Many people like the freedom to be able to work on their own so they can go places with their family and friends.

Finding a work at home opportunity can start from a company that you are already employed by. Often if you ask about the opportunity to do some of your work from home a company that is familiar with your work is inclined to let you do that. The internet is great place to find work at home opportunities. It is wise to verify the company before you take up the opportunity.

When it comes to working at home this has become the sensation in our country today. Not only do women work from home but men like to be able to work from home as well. It is a great opportunity for men to be able to work freely and still be available to play golf or visit the country club.

Also many men like the idea that they can earn bonuses by producing a larger amount of work. Many men like being their own boss and can function better when working out of their own home. Work at home opportunities has become something that both men and women enjoy doing because of the many advantages and freedom.

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  • Updated March 20, 2017
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