DXRacer Iron Series Review

​The DXRacer Iron Series Chair features an impressive mix of adjustability and quality. The chair, at times, feels like it is a custom chair due in large part to it’s ability to adjust to almost any user.  Check out our full DXRacer Iron Series Review below!

dxracer iron series review


Built with noticeable quality. The chair is extremely durable

You can adjust almost everything on the chair to find your exact fit

The lumbar support is as good as it gets with an office/ gaming chair


The seat cushion is on the firmer side

The actual seat can be a bit snug for larger users

DXRacer Iron Series Quality

The DXRacer Iron Series is built with the utmost quality. It is quickly evident that the designers were very focused on building a chair that will last. It feels as if you are sitting in a race quality seat rather than a gaming/ office chair.

DXRacer Iron Series Aesthetics

The chair looks like it was taken straight from a fighter jet. It was specifically designed to be an attention grabber and it is one that your friends and colleagues will certainly notice. The color pattern design and sleek build are exactly what you picture when you think of high quality gaming/ office chair.

dxracer iron series
dxracer iron series office chair review

DXRacer Iron Series Comfortability

For a firmer cushion, the DXRacer Iron Series Chair is surprisingly very comfortable. Its racecar-like build hugs the user for a good, snug fit. The adjustability of the arm rests and the lumbar make reaching maximum comfort for any user, very easy.

DXRacer Iron Series Review Conclusion

To sum it up, the DXRacer Iron Series Chair can do it all. The look and design is second to none. The adjustability of all the features allows any user to customize the chair to their exact comfort level. If you plan on spending extended periods of time putting in work at your desk or in your office, this may be the last chair you’ll ever need.

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